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Valentine’s Day Altered Candy Box

Valentine’s Project 2016


Over in my Messy Desk Crafters Facebook group, we hosted a swap with our members for Valentine’s Day this year.  It was a one on one swap which means thatpartners are assigned and we each make something for our partner.  Our object was to alter a box or candy box and fill it with three handmade items.  I was a bit excited about this as I have been slacking in the crafting department lately and wanted to accomplish more than just the Christmas canvases.  So this is my first craft project for 2016!

Before I get into the project, let me just preface this by saying I’m not really a hearts and flowers type of girl.  I can play with some clock gears and ink things up all day long but flowers and glitter just make me uncomfortable.  I like to grunge and distress things, make them look old and antique.  Prettifying things is not my thing!  I can do it, I’m just not comfortable with that particular type of art.  Therefore, I have to challenge myself every now and then to do things I’m not comfortable with so I can try and improve my skill sets.  Practice is always good.

Before I altered it...
Before I altered it…

When I went shopping for the box, I wanted to be sure to get a heart shaped candy box…just to celebrate the holiday.  I found one that already had a flower on it and had ribbon stitched into the top of the box.  I thought the ribbon and flower both were kind of ugly but I liked that the ribbon was stitched in and I wanted to challenge myself with altering embellishments that were already in place.  So I went ahead and bought it.

After I got it home and ate all the chocolate (hey it was like 9 pieces and it lasted a week, don’t judge!), I took the before picture and then stared at the box awhile.  I almost instantly regretted buying one that was already decorated.  I tried to take them off but both would have damaged the lid and I was fighting the urge to grunge it up.  So I started by covering it in modeling paste. I used Liquitex Professional Modeling Paste Medium, 16-oz to cover the lid and ribbon.  I remembered having some metallic red and gold acrylic paints so I was planning to treat it like a mixed media canvas.  But after covering it with modelling paste, I found that I was out of the metallic red paint.

The red paint that I did have was drying up and I didn’t think I had enough to paint the entire lid.  I went with Folk Art 660 Metallic 2-Ounce Acrylic Paint, Pure Gold
and Folk Art 661 Metallic 2-Ounce Acrylic Paint, Sequin Black
paints.  I ended up not liking how that looked either.  So I covered the lid with flowers, a few other embellishments, and some ribbon.  If you’d like to see the creative process from start to finish, have a look at the video below.


After gluing all of the embellishments and flowers on, I accented them with Viva Decor .8-Ounce Mother of Pearl Precious Metal Liquid Color.  I absolutely love this paint, it has a super pretty metallic look to it.  Once that dried, I added some goodies for my partner, extra trim and stuff.  I topped it off with three of my handmade lace button flowers.  I ended up not really liking the final product.

Completed Project
Completed Project

My best friend told me it’s real pretty, so she loved it at least.  She also reminded me that it’s not grungy which is what I’m most comfortable with when it comes to art.  So I’m hoping that my swap partner is more into flowers and hearts and likes the final outcome.  If not, I’m sure she’ll enjoy the goodies inside.  While this wasn’t one of my favorite projects, it turned out okay I guess.  Let me know what you think!  Is it too much?  Too busy?

If you’re interested in joining in on the fun over at Messy Desk Crafters, hop on over and check us out!  We’re a fun bunch of crafters that enjoy sharing in each other’s lives.  We don’t judge, and all skill levels are welcome!


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Kris (otherwise known as Ki) recently achieved her Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Systems and is currently working to turn her dreams into reality by writing, crafting, and building a business. She is a single mom seeking to show her only son that hard work and dedication will get you to a point where you can enjoy the best things in life without becoming a slave to the corporate world.


  1. By Christian on

    You really have a gift for designing, even though you say that it’s not your thing to create pretty art. You gave me an idea for Valentines day, maybe I’ll think about creating something for my wife, instead of buying something as I always do. You have inspired me to do better! However, I have no experience in crafting (i’m a guy don’t judge), so overall was this an easy task, and can someone with no experience in crafting potentially do what you did? Where do you recommend that I start?

    1. By Ki (Post author) on

      Oh my…Christian I could talk to you for HOURS! Okay, so first, you need to Google Tim Holtz. He’s one of my very favorite crafters and was the original person who inspired my grunge art (which I haven’t really posted about yet). Thank you for the compliment, I really appreciate it. My previous post, where I share my Christmas canvases, spoke about gifts from the heart. I meant every word I said, I think people (especially women, don’t judge 😉 ) would cherish handmade gifts much more than store bought stuff. Although highly expensive jewelry is super hard to compete with.

      Is it easy? Absolutely, yes. It’s very easy. The hardest part is deciding on exactly what to do. There’s tons and tons of options. You could buy the candy box, open it, slip in a gift certificate for a spa day and then decorate the lid with her favorite colors, laces, flowers, all kinds of stuff. I don’t know if you draw, but you could draw a picture of something that symbolizes your relationship and mod podge that down onto the lid which would make it permanent and keep it protected. You could do the same thing with a picture of the two of you. You could even melt a picture of the two of you into a candle, I did a tutorial on that once (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dfevmF0xAU). Man, there are just so many options out there! I find it hard to believe there’s anybody out there with no experience in crafting. We all did it in Kindergarten! Remember pipe cleaners and Elmer’s glue? I’m positive you could do something cool! Whatever you choose, if you make it yourself, you absolutely HAVE to come back and share it with me! Pretty please?

      Good luck! (Whatever you do, I’m sure she’ll love it)


    2. By Ki (Post author) on

      Here’s another video of a box I altered for Valentine’s Day a few years ago. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlG98kaJ5qQ) It was for a swap also. This was just some paint, mod podge, pretty paper, and glitter. You could do it and fill the box with something…pretty.

  2. By Gina on

    This is a cute idea. It looks a million times better after you’re done with it.
    My birthday is on valentines day but I also like to do fun creative things for my boyfriend for it. Crafts can be so exciting. I’ve always been an artsy girl. I’m looking forward to trying something like this.

    1. By Ki (Post author) on

      Thanks Gina! That’s a high compliment, I really appreciate it! I’d love to see what you come up with, I hope you’ll come back and share it. Happy early birthday!


  3. By clarice on

    Im glad you did the video. I can completely relate to the craft projects waiting in “que”. Your site is completely amazing! You’re so incredibly talented. Are you really giving that away lol? Whats a facebook swap? Gonna have to look for you there. Have you ever done a picture transfer with the liquitex and modge podge? That would be a great video to see.

    1. By Ki (Post author) on

      Hi Clarice,

      Thank you for the compliment, I’m glad you love my site! And for complimenting my talent as well, that means a lot. LOL yes, I really am giving that away. A Facebook swap is where we sign up to exchange handmade things with each other. I am one of the admins over at Messy Desk Crafters on Facebook and we host several swaps a year. We would love for you to join us! I’m not sure exactly what you mean by a picture transfer.

      I saw an idea last week that I will try at some point where a photo was transferred to a wood block which I really loved and will be trying soon. But I think the closes I’ve come to that so far was these charms I made with pictures of my son a few years back:


      Is that what you’re referring to? I did the charms with Glossy Accents. I have used Mod Podge on pictures before and it turns out great, I just don’t have any videos of those projects that I can find. I did actually do a photo on a canvas with mod podge recently, I’ll post that on my site here this weekend probably so you can see it.

      I hope to see you at Messy Desk Crafters!


  4. By Sandra on

    This has got to be one of the cutest projects I have ever seen! Would you say this would be a fun project for kids as well to get involved in for a mini swap kind of deal? Otherwise the final product was absolutely adorable! Keep it up and I would love to see more of your projects in the future!

    1. By Ki (Post author) on

      Hi Sandra,

      Thank you so much for the kind compliment! Unfortunately, my swap partner never made contact with me so this project still sits on my desk. I do think this would be a super fun project for kids, and super easy! I think it would be great for the kids to use at school to collect their Valentine’s Day cards from classmates and friends. It could also serve as a keepsake box.

  5. By Netta on

    Hey Ki:

    Your Messy Desk Crafters FB group sounds like a good support group for the chronically crafty! Nice idea! When you get tired of thinking, there’s somebody else coming up with an intriguing idea….

    I, too, have a propensity for gears and grunge and for natural objects (driftwood, shells, leaves, etc., etc., etc.)
    It takes a bit of a head-twist for me to get into prettifying, so I do understand your dilemma with the cute.

    1. By Ki (Post author) on

      Thanks Netta! Yes, I do love this crafty group. Lots of great gals (and 1 guy!) that like to keep the group drama free. We’re super proud that we welcome all skill levels and zero negativity. We’re just starting off our fifth year now!


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