November 19

Purple Lilac Crochet Doily – with Free Pattern

My First Doily

Purple Lilac Doily
Purple Lilac Doily

When I was a teenager, a friend of my mom showed me how to crochet a granny square.  Of course I didn’t know at the time that it was a granny square.  I made a few hot pads for the kitchen and then I forgot all about crocheting.

This past May when I went to visit my parents at their new home in Puerto Rico, my mom asked me if I still crochet.  I said not really, why?  She showed me that she had a square tablecloth on her round dining room table and she wanted a round tablecloth instead.

With Christmas coming, I remembered that she told me that and so I decided to pull the yarn out and start looking at maybe doing a tablecloth for her.  I haven’t crocheted anything that intricate or large before.  So I started with a doily and this is my first doily.  I think it’s pretty, though I’m not sure I’d like it as a large tablecloth.



Purple & Lilac Crochet Cotton
Purple & Lilac Crochet Cotton

One thing I love about crochet work is that you don’t need a ton of supplies for your project.  You need four things really: a pattern, yarn/cotton, a crochet hook, and starch.

  • Crochet Cotton – I used this multi-colored purple and white crochet cotton, I believe it was size 10.
  • Size 7 Crochet Hook
  • Starch – This is used after the project is complete to help protect it and maintain shape.

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If you’re new to crocheting, as I am, I’ve recorded a real short video to help you get started with the basic crochet stitched.  I start with a slip knot and walk you through the chain stitch, single crochet, double crochet, and triple crochet.

The video below shows a quick demonstration of those basic stitches to help you get started.

All stitches that were used in this project are demonstrated in the video.


Free Crochet Pattern For You!

Are you interested in trying this doily for yourself?  I’m here for you!

I wouldn’t be writing a blog if I didn’t want to help other creative folks like you create your own masterpieces.

If you’d like a free copy of this Purple Lilac Doily crochet pattern, just drop your name and email in the box below and I’ll send it right to your inbox!


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