July 11

Craft Swap Tracker

How Do I Keep Up With Swaps?

Craft Swap Tracker
Craft Swap Tracker

Why do I need a craft swap tracker?  Well because many crafting groups and members run or participate in craft swaps.  Craft swaps are fun ways to trade our handmade items but for those of us that like to do this a lot, it can be a lot to keep track of.  One of the most important things with these events is keeping track of and meeting the swap deadlines.  Otherwise, you gain a new reputation as a flaker and people don’t want to swap with you.

When I created my Craft Planner to start keeping track of everything I’m involved in, I knew that I needed a craft swap tracker as well.  So I created a blank template that I can simply print out and fill in the blanks for each swap I get involved in.

Swap Tracker Template

Group Swap Tracker
Group Swap Tracker

The top of the craft swap tracker sheet calls for the name of the swap.  This is followed by the details section which is where I fill in the item that I’m swapping, the due date, any fees to included such as postage, the deadline, the group the swap is listed in, and the organizer of the swap.  I simply left blank lines for each of these fields so that they can be written in as necessary.

The second part of the craft swap tracker is for group swaps.  If it happens to be a group swap that I’m participating in, then I will be sending out multiple items, either to the organizer, or to each individual participant.  So this section allows me to fill the table out with the date I sent the item, who I sent it to, the tracking number, the date I received my item, and who I received my item from.  Finally, at the bottom of each sheet is a Notes section for anything I need to make note of.

Free Craft Swap Tracker For You!

Do you have trouble keeping track of the swaps you participate in?  Well worry no more!  I do like to share. Otherwise, I wouldn’t participate in swaps or be writing a blog, right? I’m excited about getting organized this year and I’d love to help you get organized as well. I am sending out weekly emails with some tips and tricks on getting organized in your craft space and keeping up with everything on your plate. If you’d like a free copy of this craft swap tracker template that you can totally customize and print yourself, just drop your name and email in the box below and I’ll send it right to your inbox!

Thank you for letting me share my journey with you. I appreciate your time and feedback.  Please leave a comment below and let me know how you’re keeping up with things!

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