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Paint Inventory – Craft Inventory Binder

What Paint Do I Have On Hand?

Paint Inventory
Paint Inventory

Paint is one of those items that many crafters tend to accumulate a lot of.  There are many different types and colors to choose from so we may grab one or two for a project and after awhile (and several projects), we have a pretty decent supply of paint.  So how do I know what paint I already have when I’m at the store looking at the paint sale?

Believe it or not, there was one point in time where I bought a couple of the Folk Art Sahara Gold only to find out that I already had SIX of them at home!  Talk about a waste, I could’ve spent that money on other colors or other supplies.  Oh well, such is life.  We live and we learn, right?

To prevent this from happening again, I created a specific section in my Craft Inventory Binder to keep track of what I already have on hand.  Now I can just double check the Inventory Binder while I’m standing in the paint aisle to ensure I don’t purchase duplicates…again.

Paint Section

Paint Section
Paint Section

This section of my Inventory Binder is very similar to the Ink Section.

The divider for the section was made with a piece of cardstock from the K&Company 8-1/2-Inch by 8-1/2-Inch Ancestry.Com Scrapbook Album Kit.  I cut the paper down to 5  7/8 in. to 8  3/4 in. to fit the mini binder.

I distressed the edges using the distress tool from my Making Memories Distressing Kit.

I used a regular hole punch to punch the three holes for the binder, then I inked the edges of the paper with the Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad, Tea Dye.

In order to get the divider tab, I used the ancestry.com paper and my Tim Holtz File Tabs die to cut out the tab.  The Sizzix Bigz Die – Tiny Tabs & Tags by Tim Holtz will also work for this.

I stamped the word Ink on the file tabs using the Miniature Alphabet and Punctuation Marks Rubber Stamp Set by Hampton Art.

I also used a stencil and Stickles to put the section name on the divider page.  The final step was to actually set up the inventory sheets.

Inventory Sheets

Paint Sheets
Paint Sheets

There are three main types that I use for crafting.  Folk Art Acrylic Paint is what I use most often, so I created sheets for those first.  I only printed inventory sheets for brands I actually own, just like I did with my Markers.  The brands I have inventory sheets for are as follows:

Feel free to click on any of the links to obtain the inventory sheet for your own use.  I created the Folk Art sheet using Microsoft Word but the others were already out there so I just printed them.

Once printed, I just color in the appropriate box.  By doing this, I know when I’m at the store that, if the box is blank, I don’t have that color in my inventory.

Keeping track of products I already have on hand reduces the chance of me buying duplicate items which saves money, space, and frustration.  I just have to remember to take the Inventory Binder with me when I’m headed to the craft stores.

I hope this post was helpful to you all as you work on your own organization.  This is yet another small step to my goal of getting organized for more efficient crafting.

Happy Crafting!


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  1. By Ron on

    I think what you are doing is a great idea about keeping track of your crating paint. Making binder to keep track of all the paint with dabbers is genius. I am not into crafting but you have open my eyes to it. How long have you been crafting with paint? I would be interested to know.

    1. By Ki on

      Hi Ron,

      Thanks! Hopefully this will help prevent unnecessary purchases too! I’ve been crafting for about 5 years now and using paint off and on for various crafts. I’m sure there are many other uses for an Inventory Binder other than crafting. Thanks for stopping by! 😉

  2. By Jyl on

    I so get where you’re coming from here..!!! I use charts and folders for just about everything. Getting to the store and bringing home the exact same paint you already have at home must be really infuriating and this system is a great idea – particularly when you point out where to get all the necessary tools and equipment to make a binder of our own. Well done – I like being organised, and I can appreciate this post.Thank you 🙂

    1. By Ki on

      Hi Jyl,

      Thanks! It’s definitely frustrating, that’s for sure. Now the trick is to have it with me when I’m out shopping, right?

      1. By Jyl Darlow on

        Maybe you could create an app so it’s always on your phone….? Could be a cool idea… :):):)

  3. By Netta on

    Hey Ki:

    Thanks for this idea. I’ve been there, done that — gotten a third, fourth, or tenth (!) bottle of the same paint or ink or finish, just because I was in the store during another fantastic sale and thought I needed it.

    I’ve tried baskets and bins and so on and so forth and, of course, when you’re in the middle of the muddle of creating it just gets all messed up!

    Question: What happens when you use up the color? How do you signify that you’re out of stock?

    1. By Ki on

      Hi Netta, you’re welcome! It’s my pleasure offering any ideas that may help. Organization is hard!

      I haven’t actually run out of anything yet since my craft binder is so new, but I’m thinking I would add that item to my shopping list and perhaps put a post-it on that inventory page of the binder to signify that I need more.


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