September 21


The Messy Desk Crafter Mission


The Messy Desk Crafter is on a mission...
The Messy Desk Crafter is on a mission…

Are you struggling to keep up with even your hobbies?  Do you have too much of a mess on your desk to even think about crafting something?  Are you involved in too many crafting events and have trouble keeping track of them all?  If you answered yes to anything of these questions, join the club!

You are certainly not alone.  Many of us crafters are in the same boat.  I’ve been working on getting organized for several years now and each year my system improves just a little bit more.  Meanwhile, I see all my friends and crafty buddies struggling with the same barriers that I’ve faced with crafting.  As a result, I’ve decided to build and devote this website to self-improvement, time management, and stress management.

For a good majority of us, crafting is a hobby.  For many others, crafting is their livelihood.  As much as I wish crafting could be my livelihood, it just isn’t feasible for me right now.  However, like most of you, I’m working toward my dreams and trying to improve myself each year so that I can be a successful entrepreneur/crafter.  Since crafting is a hobby for me, it shouldn’t be stressful, it should be relaxing and replenishing me.  To make it such, I’ve begun building a system to help me eliminate the crafty stressors.  While my system may not work for everybody, if it were to help one person be a little less stressed, my mission is a successful one.  So that is my goal…to not only be more productive, but to help others be more productive.

What have you done today?
What have you done today?

Happy Crafting!