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Weekly Planner Template – Printable & Free!

How Do I Keep Up With Everything?

As you may know, in the crafting world, it can get very hard keeping up with everything we have going on weekly.  As creative people, we constantly have new ideas or projects floating through our brains as we desperately work to finish something we’ve already started.  We also tend to join Facebook groups, Pinterest, and any other events that inspire us or peak our interest.

I run this website, plus two others, and I am co-owner of a Facebook group called Messy Desk Crafters.  We have almost 1,000 members currently and we’re regularly running various swaps and events to keep our members engaged and inspired.  On top of that, I have several hobbies aside from crafting.

Crafting is the hobby I use to escape reality and let my creative juices flow through my brain.  It serves a very important purpose in my life as a huge stress reducer.  But when I sign up for different events and start forgetting things I need to get done, or find out I don’t have specific supplies that I need to get things done, it becomes another stressor in my life.  That’s not supposed to happen.

When that happens, it causes me to stop crafting and I lose my escape altogether.  So this year, I came up with a plan to fix that.  I’ve created my Craft Planner to start keeping track of everything I’m involved in.  This helps me to stay on task and keep track of any related details, such as due dates and required supplies.

Weekly Tasks
What to do and what to buy?

Weekly Planner Template

The first page I created for my planner was my weekly task list.  I use this page more frequently than any other page in my planner.  It serves as my daily and weekly checklist of things to do.  This is a rolling list that I keep of things that are on my to do list.  If I don’t complete a task this week, it rolls over to the following week until I finally get it done and mark it off.

The top left of the page is my to do list.  This is naturally where I list my tasks for the week.  The top, right column is my things to buy section where I list any supplies that I might’ve run out of during the week.  Also, if I happen to see supplies during the week that I don’t already have, I’ll list them here.  The bottom of the page lists the 7 days of the week with lines for me to write in any recurring tasks that I have on certain days or any due dates that come up that week.

This helps me keep track of what I need to do each week so that nothing gets forgotten.  It also helps to prevent me from getting sidetracked with other projects or things.  If I find something else I want to do, I simply add it to the list, either for that week or the following week.

Weekly Planner
What’s due this week?

Free Weekly Planner Template For You!

Naturally, I like to share.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t be writing a blog, right?  I’m excited about getting organized this year and I’d love to help you get organized as well.  I am sending out weekly emails with some tips and tricks on getting organized in your craft space and keeping up with everything on your palette.  If you’d like a free copy of this free weekly planner template that you can totally customize and print yourself, just drop your name and email in the box below and I’ll send it right to your inbox!

Thank you for letting me share my own journey with you.  I appreciate your time and feedback.  Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know how you’re keeping up with things!

Your friend,


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About the Author

Kris (otherwise known as Ki) recently achieved her Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Systems and is currently working to turn her dreams into reality by writing, crafting, and building a business. She is a single mom seeking to show her only son that hard work and dedication will get you to a point where you can enjoy the best things in life without becoming a slave to the corporate world.


  1. By Sheila on

    What a great way to get organized and keep your focus on the tasks you need to do each day and week.
    You have something to give away to people reviewing your website, and that is exactly what you need to generate a list.
    I know that being a single mom has to be difficult and doesn’t leave you much time to work on all the tasks you have to do every day. This is a great way to know what needs done and when.
    You have a great website and very well organized. Easy to read and understand.
    Great job.

    1. By Ki (Post author) on

      Hi Sheila,

      I appreciate the feedback, thank you! Yes, it is an interesting juggling trick trying to manage everything as a single mom. But it is well worth it to know that I’m giving back! Thanks again for the compliments.


  2. By Michelle on

    Hi Ki

    What a fantastic way to kick off 2016 by being organised. Staying focused has a lot to do with being organised and knowing where you’re heading to in both the short and long term.

    You’re a great inspiration to us bloggers. I might have to get a copy of your template. It looks very well done. Excellent reading.

    Kind Regards


    1. By Ki (Post author) on

      Hi Michelle,

      Thank you for the compliment! I hope to inspire many, that is the goal after all. Best wishes to you!


  3. By Jess on

    Hello, Ki!

    This looks like an excellent resource for anyone looking to get themselves more organized!

    I am not a crafter but I definitely can relate to having too much on your plate and needing to not take on as much or to at least keep track of tasks that need to be done each day.

    Congrats on building your Facebook community! It sounds like you are doing well with building your business so far and I am sure your son will be so proud of his mom as he gets older.


    1. By Ki (Post author) on

      Hi Jess,

      Thank you for the feedback. I’m sure everybody can relate to needing to be organized or stay on top of things. Thank you for stopping by!


  4. By Kevin on

    Hi Ki,

    Thanks for the free weekly planner template! I’m currently working on my MBA and I have multiple websites that I manage. I constantly think of new ideas for websites and I always want to write my ideas down before I forget them. Then I need to come up with a timeline to build sites based on my new ideas. This template is going to help me out a lot!


    1. By Ki (Post author) on

      Hi Kevin,

      That’s great! I hope the template proves real handy for you. Best of luck on your websites and future endeavors! Thank you for stopping by!



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