November 4

Color Happy – October – Free Page

Color Happy Sailboat Page

I previously mentioned that I found a group called Color Happy.  This group allows you to show off your pictures and talk about different coloring tools and such. They have monthly coloring contests and offer all kinds of coloring packages for sale as well. They even do LIVE Broadcasts where they color and talk about what they’re working on for the month, etc. I believe the free picture came from their Sunshine Package.  Well, the free page they gave out for October was this sailboat page.

Color Happy – October – Free Page

So my OCD was a little bit tricky with this page.  The water had to be blue because water is blue.  The sun had to be some combination of red, orange, and yellow.  So how would I get the green and purple in from the rainbow?  The boat of course!  And then what in the world am I going to do for the sky?

I started with the sun because I knew which colors it had to be and how I was going to do it.  I colored the sun and then wound up sick with the flu.  So I stopped coloring.  I did make one attempt to color while I was sick in bed.  But by the time I gathered the page and my tools and got set up in bed to color, I was ready for a nap and lost my interest in it.  So I didn’t.  It took me a few weeks to get my interest back.  But once I did, I finished the page 3 days later.  So it took 4 days total to color this page.


Tools Used

As far as how I colored it, my tool of choice for this one was gel pens…as usual. Gel pens are my typical go to tool for coloring because I don’t have to press as hard to color. I have carpel tunnel in both wrists and arthritis as well so coloring tends to start hurting when I’ve been at it for too long or am pressing too hard.  Also I like the flow of the pens and the metallic colors especially.

I used the Staples 36 pack of Gel Pens. This pack seems to have four different types of each color, a metallic, a neon, a glitter, and a standard. Although, not every color has every type and some have more than others. For example, there’s five purples and only two oranges. Not complaining really, purple is my favorite color and orange certainly isn’t. But it doesn’t bode well for the OCD and it does impact my color choices quite often.

I also used my Art Planet gel pens. This pack includes 36 colors as well and is very similar to the Staples set. The shade of the colors vary just slightly so it gives me a little bit more color variety. If you look at the waves in the sailboat picture above, I alternated sets for each wave. The Art Planet set includes the lighter shades of blue. I liked this set because the proceeds went directly to artists, as opposed to manufacturers. But I found that these pens seemed to dry out much more quickly than my Staples pens. That does not make me happy.

So that’s my coloring for this week, I hope you enjoyed! What do you do to relax?

Until next time,