October 3

Colorama – The Magic Path – Title Page Colored

Colorama – The Magic Path

Colorama - The Magic Path
Colorama – The Magic Path

When adult coloring books first started getting to be a thing, I went to the Barnes & Nobles bookstore to look for my own.  I was also searching for a gift for a friend.  Right inside the doors of the store was a couple of tables displaying adult coloring books.

Colorama’s The Magic Path jumped out at me because the cover has the partial coloring on it, plus the title is in gold foil.  Very creative.  I liked the look of it.  I picked it up and thumbed through it and I loved what I saw.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen or colored a Colorama book before this day but I was definitely impressed with the artwork in this book.  I also liked the feel of the pages.  I’m not sure how to describe that exactly, except to say that the pages in this book feel silky soft to me.  Believe it or not, that was one of the deciding factors for me buying this book.  It also had colored pencils attached to it.


Colorama Title Page

Colorama Title Page
Colorama Title Page

I know it’s silly, but my OCD says I have to color the title page first.  I may not color the book in order…though I usually do try.  But whether I color the book in order or not, I always have to color the title page first.

The title page for Colorama’s The Magic Path is pretty simple with just some lily pads bordering the page as well as the little stone path on the title.  For this page, I started coloring it with the colored pencils that came with the book.  I pretty much knew I wouldn’t like them, but I had to give them a shot before ruling them out.  I did not like them.

It might be due to the texture of the page being silky smooth, but the colored pencils that came with the book did not really allow me to do dark borders or anything like that.  I didn’t like them.  I’m just not sure yet if it was due to the colored pencils themselves, or the texture of the paper.

I used gel pens for the darker colored lily pads.  I liked these much better.  They flowed smoother on the page and I like the look better.  But, it should be known, gel pens are my favorite coloring tool thus far.  So it’s hard to convince me any other medium is better.  My standards are based on gel pens.  All in all, I like how the page turned out.  I think it’s pretty!


Tools Used

Gel Pens

Once again, I used the Staples 36 pack of Gel Pens along with the Colorama colored pencils that came with the book.

I hope to find my other pens soon so that I can start using a variety of different tools while I color. I’m interested in finding the right medium to use on these pages.  There’s something about the texture of the paper that is making the coloring experience different in this book.  It’s hard to explain.

Perhaps on the next page I’ll try something different.

So that’s my coloring for this week, I hope you enjoyed the title page! Have you colored anything lately?

Talk soon,