September 30

Mandala Rainbow – Colored

Color Happy

Recently, I stumbled across a coloring group that produces coloring pages for adults and has built a community on Facebook of coloring enthusiasts from all over the world that believe that life is about appreciating the pleasure in everyday experiences.  They hold contests and encourage members to share pictures they’ve colored, whether purchased through them or not.

Mandala - Color Happy
Spreading joy through color.

I particularly enjoy this group because they focus on being happy.  There is so much negativity in the world right now that it’s just so hard to get away from it.  I am not a person that suffers with depression and anxiety but the current state of my country makes me sad and seeing all of the hate spreading like wildfire makes me even more sad.  I believe that most people are good and I would rather focus on the positive things in life to allow myself to feel good.

In the words of the Color Happy community, “We belong to one race, the Human Race, and love and honor those who differ from us.  We truly believe that a box of crayons and a friendly smile can change the world.”


Color Happy Mandala

The picture I colored below came from Color Happy as well.  It was a free page to show off a package that was being sold.  I downloaded, printed, and started coloring it right away.  I took about 3 days to color this one as I don’t color a whole picture in one sitting.  I work on it off and on throughout the day until it’s done.  I stuck to the rainbow theme again on this one as I thought it really helped showcase the different elements of the mandala.

My Rainbow Mandala

Would you like your own copy of this page?  If so, go ahead and sign up for the Mandala series and I’ll send you a new one like this each week!  The first one I send will be the blank copy of this same one.  And after that, I’ll send a new one each week!


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I would be happy to share these mandalas with you. In fact, I hope that you will get it and color it and then come back and attach it to a comment on this post to share with us the completed mandala. That would be awesome!


Tools Used

Gel Pens used for My Rainbow Mandala

Once again, I used the Staples 36 pack of Gel Pens. This pack seems to have four different types of each color, a metallic, a neon, a glitter, and a standard.

I hope to find my other pens soon so that I can start using a variety of different tools while I color.  I like to mix and match different colors and textures to get different effects when I color.  One day, I’ll start trying to blend my colors and see how that works out for me.  But since I color as a stress reliever, I try not to create opportunities for failure here.

So that’s my coloring for this week, I hope you enjoyed! Have you colored anything lately?

Until next time,


September 21

Color Me Less Stressed

Coloring to Relieve Stress

Color Me Relaxed!
Color Me Relaxed!

Did you know coloring is considered an effective stress reliever?  I guess it’s even considered, by psychologists to be the best alternative to meditation.

I remember as a young teenager, I was coloring with my mom one day.  Always so OCD about my coloring!  Each part had to be outlined with the color and then shade it in with the same color, but lighter.  That was just the way it had to be.

Hair colors had to be natural hair colors, same with flesh colors.  The sky always had to be blue.  Grass was always green, houses were always red brick.  That was just the way it was supposed to be.

Well…I remember the picture my mom colored that particular day.  It was a scare crow picture.  He should’ve been in blue jeans with a red plaid shirt, right?  I mean aren’t they all like that?  I don’t know where I got it in my head that my coloring had to mimic reality, but it was there and it was strong.

Mom didn’t have that stuck in her head.  She colored some torn up jeans with checkered and dotted patches and some crazy colors!  When I saw it…I was absolutely amazed!  It was the most beautifully detailed, creative coloring I’d ever seen!  Since then, I’ve been passionate about being colorful and creative instead of mimicking the boring reality that is life.

See, I color to escape.  When I color, I don’t think about my troubles or worry about my loved ones.  Escaping into the beautiful array of colors and completely losing myself in the creative process completely clears my mind in the moment.  I think that’s why it relaxes me so.  And I totally understand how it could easily be the best alternative to meditation.


Color Happy Floral Page

I recently found a group on Facebook dedicated to coloring and spreading joy through coloring.  What a great find!  When I joined either their group or their site, I received a free coloring page that I could print off at home and get to work coloring.  I started right away!

This group allows you to show off your pictures and talk about different coloring tools and such.  They have monthly coloring contests and offer all kinds of coloring packages for sale as well.  They even do LIVE Broadcasts where they color and talk about what they’re working on for the month, etc.  I believe the free picture came from their Sunshine Package.

Color Happy - September - Free Page
Color Happy – September – Free Page

For this page, there wasn’t really a rhyme or reason to the way I colored it.  I really just grabbed whichever color felt right at the time.  The mascot of Color Happy is a rainbow unicorn and I noticed that many of the groups pictures have the swirly circles that you see in the background of the picture.  So I went ahead and used the rainbow colors for those swirls since I couldn’t think of anything else to do with them.

It took me five days to color this picture.  I don’t just sit there and color non-stop.  I do it in parts.  A petal of any flower is a part, I’ll color one part at a time and usually while taking a break from something else.  If I’ve been working for an hour straight, I’ll take a quick five minutes to color a part before getting back to work.  It helps to keep my day balanced.


Tools Used

As far as how I colored it, my tool of choice for this one was gel pens.  Gel pens are my typical go to tool for coloring because I don’t have to press as hard to color.  I have carpel tunnel in both wrists and arthritis as well so coloring tends to start hurting when I’ve been at it for too long or am pressing too hard.

I used the Staples 36 pack of Gel Pens.  This pack seems to have four different types of each color, a metallic, a neon, a glitter, and a standard.  Although, not every color has every type and some have more than others.  For example, there’s five purples and only two oranges.  Not complaining really, purple is my favorite color and orange certainly isn’t.  But it doesn’t bode well for the OCD and it does impact my color choices quite often.

I moved about a year ago and have not unpacked all of my boxes because I intend to move again soon when I buy a house.  Therefore, I haven’t yet found all of my pens.  That’s the only reason I used the Staples gel pens this time.  They aren’t my favorite pens.  But they’ll do when I’m in a bind.

So that’s my coloring for this week, I hope you enjoyed!  What do you do to relax?

Until next time,